Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We want to be a church that transforms our lives, families, and community with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

We seek to accomplish this through: 

Constant Prayer

God is in control of all things and we seek His will in all that we do.

Passionate Worship

True worship does not originate from a stage, but rather from the hearts of believers. We desire to continually elevate God to the glory that He deserves.

Engaging and Accurate Bible Teaching

The Bible is the record of God's revealing of Himself to mankind. It is relevant and applicable to all life situations.  We want to simply present God's truth.

Intentional Diversity

Heaven is going to be composed of people of all races, cultures, social groups, economic levels, backgrounds, and all walks of life. We want to be a church that represents this picture of heaven on earth.

Non-Judgmental Recovery

Everyone struggles with something at some time.  We desire to be a church where every person feels accepted and loved regardless of their past or present struggles.  We desire to help in each person's path of restoration and recovery.

We believe God has commissioned every believer to make disciples according to Matt. 28:18-20. We want to not only help people come to faith in Christ, but also to mature in all areas of their faith.

This happens on three levels:


In order to mature in our faith, we must develop the habit of connecting with God and his family. We offer Life Groups as a way to become personally connected with other believers. We have Life Groups for every age group and are developing new groups to connect with people in specific life situations.


Spiritual maturity requires a habit of growing. Growing is not limited to one particular area, but rather encompasses us wholly. Fully functioning followers of Christ are growing in their knowledge of God through studying His Word. We offer several ways to grow in God's Word: Life Groups, Sunday morning worship, Wednesday night studies, men's and women's studies, and conferences that focus on specific areas of life. We know that none of us have completed this journey of growth and that is why we compassionately encourage one another through struggles and enthusiastically celebrate each other's victories.


Spiritual growth does not end with simply head knowledge of the Bible. Therefore, we believe that fully functioning followers are constantly growing in their experience of God by faithfully applying and obeying His Word. We have many opportunities for people to serve in variety of ministries and partnerships. These include internal ministries within the church family as well as community-focused ministries outside the church walls.

Our Mission

"...helping people become fully functioning followers of Christ."