Young Adults

FOTU Leader

Chase Johnson


Our young adults calls themselves FOTU, which stands for "Fellowship of the Unashamed."  This is a fast growing area of ministry for us.  It consists mainly of young adults in their late teens and twenties.

Sunday Morning Life Group

Our young adults meet at 9:45 am to study and discuss God's Word and its application in our lives.  The group is loosely structured with a variety of teachers from within the group to other adults in the church.  Studies are based on open discussion and interaction among everyone present.  All questions are welcome and treated with respect and dignity.

Living on Mission

This group of millennials is not content with a "should of" or "ought to" type of faith.  Instead, they put their faith in action within the church and community.  One week out of the month they minister to residents at a local nursing home where they show genuine love by playing bingo, providing for practical needs, or just being an attentive ear.  One Sunday a month they take over our children's ministry to give our normal teachers and ministers a reprieve.  On top of these ministries, they are constantly looking for ways to show the Gospel to people through practical service.  This sometimes means they are out mowing yards, cleaning out flower beds, or moving furniture.  They are always looking for ways to bless others and share the wonderful joy of Christ.